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Enter the Promise Land Tour - Jordan is one of the most spectacular places to visit on a Pilgrimage Tour. Tours to Jordan and Israel start by visiting Mount Nebo, considered the final resting place of Moses.

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Jordan, located just to the east of Israel, is a modern Middle Eastern nation that is a popular tour destination for those looking to explore sites from the bible and the roots of Christianity.

Jordan was part of the area the Israelites wandered before entering the Promised Land. Jordan is held to be the final resting place of Moses and Aaron, and is apocryphally believed to be where Jeremiah buried the Ark of the Covenant.

Day 1 • Departure
Our life-changing journey begins this evening as we board our overnight flight to Jordan.

Day 2 • Arrival Jordan
We arrive in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and transfer to our lodging for the evening in Amman.

Day 3 • Dead Sea, and Aqaba
Traveling southward we stop at a Dead Sea resort for a relaxing float or optional spa treatment. The infamous Sodom and Gomorrah are believed, although not confirmed to be the burned remains of two cities in the nearby southeastern Dead Sea plain. We will view from a distance a hillside cave near to the small town of Zoar (modern-day Safi). The Bible says Lots daughters gave birth to sons whose descendents would become the Ammonite and Moabite people, whose kingdoms were in what is now central Jordan. It is here that Byzantine Christians built a church and monastery dedicated to Lot. From here, we continue on to our lodging for the evening in Aqaba, Biblical Ezion Geber - the lovely seaport of King Solomon.

Day 4 • Petra
This morning we turn north toward the amazing mountain fortress of Petra, known to be inhabited by the Edomites - the descendents of Esau. Begin the tour with a walk through the (Siq an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone, to the city of Petra carved out of the rose red rock. The Treasury, El Khazneh, is one of the most elegant remains of antiquity. Beyond El Khazneh we are surrounded on both sides by hundreds of Petra's carved and built structures. Departing Petra, we travel northward on the Kings Highway where to the west we view from a distance the hills bordering the Dead Sea. This is the area of the hilltop palace/fortress of Machaerus, where John the Baptist was beheaded. We overnight in Amman for the next two evenings.

Day 5 • Mt Nebo, Mabada, Amman
Mt. Nebo, believed to be the site of the tomb of Moses, commands a spectacular view across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. The drive continues to the town of Madaba, the biblical Medeba, 30 kilometers south of Amman. Madaba is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics and at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George we may view the earliest surveying original map of the Holy land. Looking to the northwest we view the Plains of Moab, the area where the tribes of Israel camped before crossing the Jordan.

We enjoy a driving tour of the highlights of Amman including visits to the Citadel, Roman Theatre and Old City before checking into our lodging for one last night.

Day 6 • Homeward
Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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