Requirements for your tour registration?

Please note that upon completion of your tour registration it is required to follow the following steps:

  1. Read thoroughly through the “Registration and Tour Terms & Conditions" and ensure you have completed all necessary forms
  2. Familiarize yourself with requirments of the list of travel documents rquired.
  3. Ensure passports and all Visas are valid for the duration of travel.
  4. Arrange Travel personal and travel goods Insurance. (We can assist)
  5. Complete “Registration and Tour Conditions” and sign in full acceptance thereof.
  6. Pay R2,500.00 [Two Thousand Five Hundre Rand] deposit into our bank account to secure your seat. 
  7. It is required to book in advance to avoid disappointed. All bookings are handled strictly on a “first come - first served” basis.

Follow steps:

  1. A full Itinerary and list of travel documentation will be send to you to enable you to make travel arrangements.
  2. Fully completed and signed Registration Form and email a scanned document to us. Alternatively Fax to your representativ
  3. Ensure confirmation of booking by submitting Proof of Payment of R2, 500.00 deposit (Electronic Funds Transfers [EFT] is the only accepted payment method.
  4. Fax a descent and readable Copy of your Passport to us to enable us to have correct details requested.
  5. Apply for Visas and ensure passport is valid according to standard requirements.
  6. Once all documentation is in order, fax a copy of all relevant documents to your representative.
  7. Final Payment will be reuired 90 days before departure.
  8. Obtain a copy of Flight Tickets, Itinerary and Travel Packinformation from Representative.

We encourage you to tell your friends and family about our website and inspire them to join you on this "Journey to Holy Land " to experience a spiritual pilgrimage while walking in the Footsteps of our Messiah. 

Registration Form

Egypt Visa Application Form

Israel Visa Application Form

Jordan Visa Application Form

Passport Requirement:

Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months upon your return to South Africa. In addition to this it is imperative that you have at least two blank pages in your passport when arriving at passport control anywhere in the world.

The consequences of not complying will have the following consequences:

1. You could be denied entry to the country that you will be visiting.

2. You could be sent back to your port of departure on the next flight.

It is also a good idea to review the number of pages and validity remaining your passport well in advance of overseas travel. This will allow for time needed if a replacement passport may be required.

Baggage Allowance:

The usual baggage allowance for economy class is 20kg.

Duty-Free Allowances
Cigarettes: 200
Cigars: 20
Cigarette or pipe tobacco: 250g
Wine: 2 litre
Spirituous or other alcoholic beverages: 1 litre
Perfume: 50ml
Toilete water: 250ml
Gifts, souvenirs and all other goods: R3000.00

A person under 18 is not entitled to tobacco, cigarettes or drinks allowances.




Israel Embassy , South Africa

428 King's Highway, Elizabeth Grove Street
South Africa



Requirements for visa application in Israel

These are general requirements and are subject to change per individual. Passport valid 6 months or longer from date of departure from Israel

  • Two application forms
  • 2 photos (colour/recent)
  • Itinerary
  • Return or onward ticket
  • Letter from bank and place of work, showing proof of sufficient funds
  • Bank statement from the last 3 months.
  • Letter from employer starting pax will be returning to present position
  • Copy of hotel reservation
  • Any tourist entering Israel must have a return or onward ticket and sufficient funds for the period of stay


Once permission from Israel is granted for the visa to be issued, the original air ticket and hotel reservations are to be produced.

Excess Baggage:

Excess Baggage weight will be determined and payable according to airline requirements. Ensure you weigh your luggage in advance to avoid holding up the rest of the group or missing a flight.

Egyptian Embassy

270 Bourke Street

P.O. Box 30025
Sunnyside 0132
South Africa

  • (+27) 12 343 1590;
  • (+27) 12 343 1591;
  • (+27) 12 343 1591      


Payment Arrangements:

Special payment arrangements can be made with our office providing all outstanding moneys are paid 90 days prior to the travel date. A deposit will secure the seat. Terms and Conditions apply. All Airline rules and regulations apply and we have to adhere to it. All airlines rules and booking cutt-off dates vary and every fare has a different rule.Confirmation of booking and payment must reach them before the deadline set by the respective airline. Failure doing so can cause the booking to be automatically cancelled by the reservation system. You may lose deposits and the fare originally quoted might vary.

Once a booking has been confirmed each airline has their own rules with regards to flight changes or cancellations. We advise you always be aware of penalties there may be on the specific ticket you are purchasing.

Travel Insurance:

When paying your air ticket by credit card, you are automatically covered by a standard insurance your credit card company may also provide you with the option to purchase top up cover.

Comprehensive travel insurance policy can be arranged by Jerusalem Tours.

Valid Passport validity 6 months after date of return

Application form

Two passport-size photos (colour)

Travel itineraryLetter from travel agent explaining reason for travel e.g. holiday, business

Currency control

S.A. Bank notes in excess of R5,000.00 will not be allowed back.
Flat Rate Assessment.

You may elect to pay duty at a flat rate of 20% on goods up to a value of R12 000 over and above your duty-free allowances.

The following goods are fully dutiable:

  • Firearms, where absence from the Republic is less than six months.
  • Consumable goods of the same type but in excess of the quantity mentioned above
  • Goods for commercial purposes and goods carried on behalf of other persons.
Coming through Customs

Green Channel Only if you have no more than the duty free customs allowance, no goods for commercial purposes, no prohibited or restricted goods and no goods on behalf of others.

Customs charges

You will have to pay duty on any items which are over the limits.

Flight Departures:

Departure times for domestic flights is one hour before departure

International flights are between two and three hours before departure.



What to pack for Israel

Israel is a modern, developed country, and you can purchase virtually anything you need during your stay, including clothing, cosmetics, and hygiene products.

If you are visiting Israel during the summer you will need lightweight clothing - short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, shorts, sandals, beach shoes and a bathing suit.  It’s also a good idea to pack a sweater or jacket, since nights in the mountains and the desert can be cool.  Ladies to dress modisty and ensure no shorts and knee-pants allowed at certain places. Men to ensure they wear long pants.

If you are visiting Israel in the winter, you will need warm clothing, a coat (preferably a raincoat as well), good shoes, an umbrella, gloves, a scarf and other warm clothing.  Weather in Israel is not cold as it is in Europe, but days can be rainy and cold. 

It’s a good idea to bring a small bag for day trips.  If you are traveling to Eilat or the Dead Sea, it’s a good idea to bring a bathing suit, since it is warm enough to swim there even in the winter.

Sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses are essential items throughout the year.

If you are planning on hiking, you will need good shoes and a lot of water, either in a canteen or in several bottles. You will need a sleeping bag, tent, and camping equipment only if you are planning on sleeping outdoors.  Most youth hostels supply sheets and blankets. 

Passenger Peronal Information:

We require passenger’s full name as it appears in their passport. All contact details and relevant information we should be aware of should be made crealy to us prior to booking.

Any special request must be made prior to travelling.